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Why should I get a contract reviewed?

Before signing any document and entering into a contract it is important that you are fully aware of the rights and obligations you agreeing to comply with, and that your best interests are protected. This is especially true for business contracts, you must make sure all the business contracts you put in place are legally compliant, up to date and will have the most positive outcome for your business.

Starting at just £150, Our Expert Legal Contract Review Service can be used for any contract, it saves you time and helps to reduce your risks.

All of our contract reviews are written in plain English with no ‘legalease’. Each review will consider the contractual terms and the commercial aspects which may impact on you and your business. It is a detailed report to give you a full understanding of the contract you are considering.

Our Fixed Fee Contract Review Service gives you in depth feedback, it covers the points you should consider before you enter into the contract and includes comments on what is in the document as well as highlighting important points that are missing.

Whether you want advice on a particular aspect of your contract, or are in need of a full-scale legal review, our Fixed Fee Expert Legal Contract Review Service will ensure your best interests are protected.

The Legal Stop is a leading provider of affordable Fixed Fee Legal Services and Document Templates. We have been assisting start-ups and SMEs across England and Wales with their contract and business needs since 2010.

Our Fixed Fee Contract Review Service includes:

 ✔️ Full review with advice highlighting the key issues and risks you may face

 ✔️ The contract review includes changes and corrections

 ✔️ Phone consultations with our expert lawyers

 ✔️ Quick turnaround, generally within 48 hours

 ✔️ Fixed fee, no hourly rates and no hidden extra costs

Fixed Fee Contract Review

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What’s Not Included?

 Any negotiation with third parties

 Redrafting of the document

What shall I do Next?

➡️Just fill in the short online form with the information required

➡️Upload or send us via email the document, contract, agreement you want us to review

➡️We will be in touch for an initial free no obligation consultation to help us get more information

➡️Pay the Fixed Fee for the Expert Legal Contract Review (from £150 for most reviews to £450 for complex and lengthy agreements)

➡️We will send you the review within 48 hours, and book a follow up consultation to discuss the review in detail and answer all the questions you might have

Why Contract Review

  • Check that your contract is legally binding and up to date
  • Ensure your document is fit for purpose
  • Full review & consultation with an expert lawyer
  • Easy and hassle free process
  • Transparent Fixed Fee – No hourly rates & hidden costs
  • Fast turnaround

Request a Template Service

Can’t Find Your Template? Request It Now!

  • If we don’t have your template we can draft it for you
  • We aim for 7-day turnaround – you get notified when your template is ready
  • No obligation & No extra costs!

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