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Document Drafting & Contract Writing 

If you are looking for a professionally drafted legal document or contract with terms specifically written to suit your requirements the Legal Document Drafting Service is the solution for you!

As every business is different, one size doesn’t always fit all.

When dealing with a complex transaction or when there are specific requirements, document templates and DIY forms might not be the right solution as they have not been drafted with your particular circumstances in mind.

With the Fixed Fee Bespoke Document Drafting Service one of our expert lawyers will draft your agreements and contracts based on your specific requirements and provide bespoke legal advice for an affordable one-off fixed fee.

The legal document drafting and contract writing services are provided on a Pay As You Go Fixed Fee basis – no hourly rates, no monthly subscription or ongoing fees and no hidden extras. Regardless of how complex your matter is we will draft your contract and any other legal document to your precise requirements for a one-off fixed fee of just £450*

Our Fixed Fee Document Drafting Service includes:

✔️  A custom document drafted to suit your specific needs

✔️  Phone consultations with our expert lawyers

✔️  Fast turnaround

✔️  Fixed-fee pricing

What shall I do next?

➡️ Just fill in the short online form with the information required

➡️ Upload or send us via email any document relating to the drafting

➡️ We arrange a free of charge consultation to discuss your requirements in detail  

➡️ Once we’ve agreed your needs your lawyer will draft your contract and provide legal advice

➡️ The work is completed within the agreed timeframe - You just pay an affordable one-off fixed fee


* Starting from

Fixed Fee Document Drafting

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Few documents we drafted so far: 

Asset Purchase Agreement      
Commission Agreement          
Equipment Hire Agreement      
Shareholders' Agreement
Exclusive Distribution Agreement
Web Hosting Agreement
Outsourcing Agreement
Factoring Agreement
Exclusivity Agreement
LLP Agreement£450.00
SaaS Agreement
Company Articles of Association
Service Level Agreement£450.00
Joint Venture Agreement £450.00

Why Bespoke Legal Document Drafting

  • You need a contract written with specific terms
  • No limit on time & changes required
  • Transparent Fixed Fee – No hourly rates & hidden costs
  • Lawyer consultation included with the service
  • Only UK qualified, regulated & insured lawyers
  • Easy and hassle free process

Request a Template Service

Can’t Find Your Template? Request It Now!

  • If we don’t have your template we can draft it for you
  • We aim for 7-day turnaround – you get notified when your template is ready
  • No obligation & No extra costs!

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